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We Provide Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

Inanovation Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly batteries and energy storage systems to replace lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries in commercial, industrial and military applications.

Inanovation is based on the successful business models of Dell, HP, and Apple. We develop innovative, market focused batteries internally, and then assemble these batteries into energy storage systems using components made by our multiple, and redundant, supply chain partners. This reduces our capital needs, allows for rapid responses to changing markets, enables quick adoption of new technologies, and minimizes business risks.


Skilled Management Team - The Inanovation founders have deep applied knowledge of batteries based on Lithium Titanate Oxide, Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese, and Iron Phosphate battery chemistries, their unique value propositions, and supply chain dynamics. - 01 January 2012
Proven Markets - Inanovation is focused on markets with existing, proven, revenues (Telecom, UPS, Aerospace, Lighting, and the military), and not on unproven markets such as EV's. - 01 January 2012
Parallel Supply Chains - With any disruptive technology the supply chain sensitivity can be high. Inanovation has developed parallel supply partners for every step in our supply chain to minimize both costs and risks. - 01 January 2012
Third Party Validation – Data harvested through our testing agreements with national labs, military labs, scientific agencies, independent laboratories, and key users will give Inanovation an unparalleled validation of both our technologies and our firm. - 01 January 2012